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Company Presentation

Mass Market Range by Jaikaran Herbals Delhi

Transcript :
1. “ Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Herbal, Medicated & Ayurvedic Toothpastes”

2. About Us Established in the year 1992 Excellent quality products Skilled team of professionals Well-equipped packaging unit Continuous research and development

3. Why Us? Customization Sampling policy Client oriented approach Adhered to corporate ethics Excellent processing facilities Timely deliveries of consignment Membership

4. Products Features Contain Extra Cool Mouthwash Effective fights bacteria Long lasting fresh breath Prevent bleeding of gums Healthy gums fight dental decays Natural mouthwash for longer lasting freshness Available in 150 Gms. pack with free toothbrush inside

5. Branding Solutions Innovative product formulation for selected target markets Package designing, Packaging & Trade Marking Marketing & advertisement solutions for launching & growth of brand

6. Quality WHO & GMP compliance company Ensure high quality standards of our toothpaste Tests are carried out using hi-tech equipment Adhere to stringent quality control management system Testing products at every stage of processing on well-defined parameters Ensure accurate results

7. Products Herbodent / Medicated Toothpaste Herbal Toothpaste / Mass Market Range

8. Herbodent / Medicated Toothpaste Herbodent Toothpaste Thermodent Toothpaste Thermodent Plus Toothpaste Payogel Gum Paste

9. Herbal Toothpaste / Mass Market Range All Herb Toothpaste Neem & Clove Gel Toothpaste Orohyi Toothpaste Sundent White Toothpaste Sundent Red Gel Toothpaste


 Herbal Toothpaste

 Medicated Toothpaste


 Gum Care

 Hair Care

 Private Labeling

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